Coding workshop


Thank you for your interest in the Coding Workshop at Tata Medical Center on 17th Jan, 2020 (as a part of the International Course on Computational Pathology).

The venue for the event is – Board Room (3rd Floor, Admin Block, Tata Medical Center)

We will start the session at 8.30am.

And we will end with lunch at 1-2pm (with a tea break in the middle).

You are expected to carry your own laptops for the event.

Shared below are few links to Google Colab Notebooks. If you follow the links provided, you can view the notebooks during the workshop and follow along. If you have a Google account, you can save a copy of the notebooks and tinker with them on your own as well.

Links to each of the 5 notebooks from Dr Scott are :






The behavior of the links seems to be different depending on whether you’re logged into a Google account. If you are signed in, then you will be able to save a copy of the notebook and play with it. If not, you’ll just be able to view the notebook without changing anything or saving a copy directly to Google Drive (although you can download it to your computer).

(If you get a “400 Error” when opening the individual notebooks, it’s because the URL sometimes gets appended with a string that starts with “?ouid=…” — I’m not sure why this happens but if you delete everything from the “?” onward, it should work.)

Please note that there are no credit hours for this course.

For those of you who have also registered for the head and neck course, please note that this workhop will run in parallel with the head and neck lectures.

Thanking you,

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Department of Pathology @ Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India